Our software will allow you to create your virtual event.

Our services will allow you to create a great event.

Project manager

Once you have signed the contract, the project manager will work with you. His role is to support you in your event.


Exhibitors have access to differents training. At the end of the training they will be able to create their virtual stand.No worries, we make your life easier!


We can give you some advice on how to attract visitors to your virtual event. If you need more support, we will be pleased to provide you a service offer to achieve your goals!

Technical support

We are available any time before during and after your virtual event.Furthermore, during the virtual fair, our technical team will be available to assure the smooth running of your virtual event.


At the end of the virtual event, we will submit you a report in which you will find all the statistics for the exhibitor and/or the promoter.

Additional services

We offers additional services like; conference, writing job offers, and much more. 

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